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Big Picture

UNREAL® was entering a crowded candy category saturated by mega brands with colossal budgets. In order to succeed, UNREAL® had to make people aware of how much junk the candy industry puts in its candy that just doesn't need to be there. And then offer an alternative that's in the same aisle as traditional candy, and with equally great taste.

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Core Challenge

Believability. The market was skeptical and had been burned before with numerous too good to be true snack offerings that tasted too bad to eat. Additionally, UNREAL® questioned brands with long established emotional equity among consumers and so needed to convince their target audience that enjoying great tasting candy without all the junk was not only possible but preferable. We needed to challenge candy consumption expectations on a limited budget.


With Easter as a key candy purchasing season, Crunch Brands leveraged the holiday to raise awareness for UNREAL® by orchestrating an Easter Bunny campaign designed to go viral. The campaign concept: On his "2013 Easter Bunny Apology Tour" the Bunny asked forgiveness for giving out junk candy for all those years, and handed out UNREAL® Candy as the unjunked alternative.


Take the message social with guerilla tactics that were easily shared through social media.

  • Developed viral videos of the Bunny preparing for his apology tour while being cheered up by celebrities Tom Brady, Cam Neely, John Legend and Jillian Michaels
  • Orchestrated a NYC Easter Bunny media event where bunnies were spotted distributing apology letters, carrying apology signs, riding a London bus and handing out UNREAL® Candy
  • Created a site, sorrybunny.com, to drive candy purchase via the Bunny's mission, apology and celebrity videos
  • Chronicled the Bunny's tour on the UNREAL® Candy Facebook page


  • The campaign was a viral success
  • USA Today called it "the best holiday advertisement of our time"
  • Tom Brady video featured on ESPN Sports Center, USA Today and Boston Metro
  • 225,000,000 impressions for overall campaign to date (including print, broadcast, digital)
  • More than 210,000+ views on YouTube to date

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