Crunch Brands successfully redesigns and executes 18 versions of UNREAL® Candy packaging in record time and with record success, breaking all industry norms.

New bags

2013 UNREAL® Candy Packaging Case Study

UNREAL® Candy, located in Boston, MA, is a company on a mission to unjunk the world, starting with your favorite candies. Their goal is to bring real candy with real ingredients to regular stores at regular prices.

Big Picture

Having "reinvented" America's favorites like Snickers,® Milky Way,® Reeses® and M&Ms,® UNREAL® Candy went to market with exceptional products wrapped in packaging that grossly under-delivered. Negative feedback from consumers and retailers alike forced UNREAL® into a position where redesigning their packaging in less than 60 days became mission-critical. By all industry standards this task was impossible. Crunch Brands called it doable.

Working side-by-side with the UNREAL® team, Crunch Brands quickly tore into the project requirements, which would include, but were not limited to, naming the 5 products, creating a new logo, enhancing the color palette and typography, developing 5 product illustrations, changing language, codes, and adjusting all the packaging for enhanced reproduction quality, and to account for adjustments to various product sizes.

Before and after

Core Challenge

Timing. The old UNREAL® identity was deemed unreadable and the packaging made UNREAL® look to consumers like a dated, generic brand. UNREAL® didn't need to evolve, it needed to be reinvented. To add to the challenge, there was an immovable 60-day deadline to make a critical print run. Multiple co-manufacturers and printing locations, plus the execution of 18 SKUs that spanned count size wrappers, stand-up bags, fun sizes, and caddies.


Leverage all 24 hours in a day to rapidly develop world-class candy packaging that would make the consumer immediately recognize the brand name, and act on impulse purchase to drive a significant lift in sales.


Design the UNREAL® mark in an ownable way with a nod to the concept of "unjunking" candy, and re-design the packaging so it had the shelf appeal of America's favorites.

  • Design a new logo to clearly spell out the name, UNREAL®
  • Name the five-product family
  • Create illustrations that conveyed the taste of the products
  • Enhance the color palette and typography for impact
  • Improve production quality to achieve a major-player look and feel
  • Introduce informative yet playful language to tell the brand story
  • Adhere to all FDA and legal standards


  • Projected $1,000,000 lift in sales due to the re-packaging alone
  • Retailers moved the candy caddies to higher-profile shelves
  • Hundreds of positive messages via social channel feedback
  • Printer to submit packaging for industry award recognition