Is there power in a name?

Over the last dozen years I’ve probably been asked north of 200 times about our name. “Why Crunch?” people ponder. Are you part of Crunch gym? “No, we’re an ad agency” I reply. “Are you a candy company?” “No, but we work with one called UNREALĀ® and we’ve named a bunch of their products” I respond. “Love the name, why’d you choose it?” And so on.


The simple answer is that I believe there’s power in a name. And more than 12 years ago I looked at all the agencies out there and most used the last names of the founders. I knew that wasn’t what I wanted to do. If I were to create something truly special it would be about teams not individuals. The name had to reflect this difference. I also wanted the name to promise a 24/7, get-it-done mentality. If you were in a “crunch” we were your guys. I wanted “can-do” to be part of our DNA.


At the same time, companies whose names have become nouns and verbs over time fascinated me. Brands like Xerox, Google, Kleenex, etc. It’s a tall order, but I wanted Crunch to become a known verb in our industry. We have succeeded in becoming experts at “Crunching” brands. Taking what exists and twisting, pulling and forging brands into better versions of themselves in a cost-effective, quick-to-market way.


I also love brand names that are common and colorful words like “crunch” and “unreal.” Over the years Crunch has applied this descriptive philosophy to brands, products, services and technologies that we’ve tackled. Like the private capital group we named “Next Sparc.” The hospital-bedside interface for Aceso we called “UpCare.” And the multi-water sport paddle shoe for Sperry Top-Sider we labeled “SON-R.”


Our formula is simple. It’s 33.3% science, 33.3% intuition and 33.3% imagination. The science part is based on a competitive analysis, available URLs (tough these days if you want .com), search criteria and legal. The intuition part is how we feel a name might carve out a market position that makes competitors wish they’d beaten you to the punch. And the imagnation? You have to surround yourself in our creative approach to experience that. It’s everything from how a name rolls off the tongue to its mystique. As an example, the mobile content security company we named “Content Raven.”


Yes, there is power in a name. And we use it to “Crunch Brands.”

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